JOBMAN 2200 Craftsman Trousers Cotton

€85,00 EUR
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Polyamide-reinforced holster pockets, back pockets, rule pocket and knee pad pockets. Hip pocket for phone. Spacious holster pockets with extra compartments and inside reinforcement. Inset front pockets for tucking away holster pockets. Hammer loop. Reinforced back pockets. Reinforced ruler pocket with bellowed bottom edge and knife button. Leg pocket with phone compartment. Gusset in crotch. Pre-bent knees with kneepad pockets in polyamide. Kneepad pockets with two positions for kneepads. These trousers also come in a women’s version, 2201.
Certified according to EN 14404:2004+A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1 together with Jobman’s kneepads 9943, 9944 and 9945.