Delta Plus CONICFIRDE010 Bag of 10 Pairs of Reusable TRP Earplugs Blue

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Bag of 10 pairs of detectable and reusable TPR earplugs with plastic cord. Iron and brass inserts, suitable for food industry. Can be used with or without cord (9 pairs in bag + 1 pair in storage plastic box).
Thermoplastic (TPR).
Cord : PVC + Brass.

Certifications and standards:

 EN352-2:2002 Hearing protection : Earplug 

SNR 34 dB Average noise attenuation
H 33 High frequency attenuation
M 32 Medium frequency attenuation
L 31 Low frequency attenuation
Ø 8-12 mm Sizes / Dimensions


ANSI S3.19-1974 American National Standards Institute  

NRR 26 dB NRR – (Noise Reduction Rating - Noise Reduction Rating)