Delta Plus FORESTIER3 Complete Forester Type Helmet Orange

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Forester’s type helmet consisting of: ZIRCON safety helmet: UV-resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). Sweat band. Low density (LDPE) polyethylene cradle with 8 fixing points. SUZUKA2 ear defenders. VISOR HOLDER faceshield holder. VISORG mesh visor. Cardboard packaging.
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Helmet : high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). Harness: LDPE. Sweat band: Polyester foam.
Ear defender : Cup and headband: ABS. Pad: synthetic foam and PVC.
Visor : Steel - Plastic.

Certifications and standards:

EN397:2012 + A1:2012 Protective helmets for industry

-10°C +50°C Use : Very low temperature - -30°C / +50°C
440VAC Electric insulation


EN50365:2002 Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations


Electrically insulating helmets - Class 0


EN1731:2006 Mesh type eye and face protectors for industrial and non-industrial use against mechanical hazards and/or heat

F Oculars


EN352-3:2002 Hearing protection : Ear-Muffs attached to an industrial safety helmet 

SNR 24 dB Average noise attenuation
H 27 High frequency attenuation
M 21 Medium frequency attenuation
L 14 Low frequency attenuation
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