Delta Plus CONICAP01 Earplugs Linked With Folding Head Fastener Blue/Yellow

€2,98 EUR

PU earplugs with headband in polypropylene which can be worn under the chin. Ideal for intermittent or occasional wear. Individual pack.
Polyurethane foam.
Polypropylene head fastener.

Certifications and standards:

EN352-2:2002 Hearing protection : Earplug 

SNR 28 dB Average noise attenuation
H 29 High frequency attenuation
M 24 Medium frequency attenuation
L 22 Low frequency attenuation
Ø 8-18 mm Sizes / Dimensions


ANSI S3.19-1974 American National Standards Institute  

NRR 21 dB NRR – (Noise Reduction Rating - Noise Reduction Rating)