SIR Safety System Camaro Black Sandal

€74,70 EUR
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Ražotājs SIR Safety System

EN ISO 20345 S1P SRC; CEI EN 61340
METAL-FREE dissipative sandal.
UPPER: Air-Mesh
LINING: In polyester, with high draining powerdue to the high absorbing properties of the fabric and structure.
TOECAP: In composite.
INSOLE: Insole made with solid material in polyurethane foam with variable thickness: 2.5 mm at the front and 9 mm in the heel area. Lined and perforated in the plantar areawith outstanding anti-shock properties. Antistatic.
PUNCTURE-RESISTANT MIDSOLE: Composite midsole with constant 4 mm thickness.
SOLE: PU/TPU. The wide cell polyurethane sole assures a very high shape memory effect. The TPU outsole assures long life, extreme mechanical resistance, flexibility, softness and hydrocarbon resistance. It has been designed with continuous horizontal grooving that supports flexion and foot movements.